WENEW Labs is looking for an experienced Head of Brand, Marketing, and Communications to curate and steward our brand as we drive our business forward. In this role, you’ll be a critical leader responsible for:

What You’ll Do

  • Oversee the cultivation of a coherent brand story for WENEW and its various endeavors including 10KTF
  • Compile, develop, and execute the brand’s marketing plan - final approval on all comms
  • Oversee press directions and final approvals
  • Liaison between management and brand
  • Liaise with partners and investors on all comms related to WENEW and 10KTF
  • Liaise with legal on comms while maintaining brand authenticity and direction
  • Brand, marketing, and comms strategy for partnership projects
  • 10KTF
  • Guide storyline and narrative through community perspective
  • Content and comms Strategy
  • Direct Run of Show
  • Community management (Alpha Queen/King)
  • Oversee brand team

What You’ll Bring

  • Deep understanding of audiences, trends, and insights, with the ability to apply this knowledge to all creative solutions and projects
  • Strong ability to anticipate situations, meet strict deadlines, organize and manage multiple priorities
  • Strong writing and coaching skills
  • High level understanding of NFT marketplace and trends
  • Creative and strategic thinking on the fly is an absolute must.
  • Positive, team-player attitude. Willing to pitch in where needed and work together with all partners towards a common goal.
  • Highly organized planner and efficient communicator.
  • Flexible, with the ability to excel in a fast-paced environment.
  • Creative thinker with intuitive understanding of what works on social media
  • Excellent time management skills including prioritizing and multi-tasking with show content as well and the ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment
  • Minimum 8 years of experience in creative marketing

Who We Are

WENEW Labs is the premier curator of Non-Fungible Token experiences, building out the future of meaningful NFT universes.