WENEW is looking for an experienced Producer to join the Production team, which manages each release’s lifecycle from the first ideas of a release all the way into the hands of Collectors. The producer will manage several releases at once, which include leading the collaboration with partners and cross-functional teams at WENEW, content creation, experiential design, physical product design, fulfillment, among other activities. Reporting to the VP of Production, the producer will help research and develop future releases.

The ideal candidate will have experience managing large-scale creative projects in different entertainment industries with a general knowledge and passion for different disciplines such as art, design, fashion, film, food, games, literature, music, politics, science, sports, and technology. They will be an early adopter of emergent technologies, bringing a strong passion and keen eye for the fast-evolving crypto and NFT spaces and staying up-to-date on its innovations and latest developments. Their ability to design an efficient process and communicate clearly will have partners wanting to work with us time and time again. Their emotional intelligence and passion for exploring new grounds makes it a pleasure to work with them in times of victory or disaster.


Moment Production

  • Work with partners to finalize the details of the accompanying content, Experiences and Collectibles.
  • Work with partners and design team to produce the content, Experiences, and Collectibles.
  • Manage and track the production budget associated with each release to meet budgetary goals or proactively adjusted in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Manage the overall timeline of all components regarding the Release and ensure they’re delivered on time at high quality.
  • Lead the team through the launch and triage live issues.
  • Lead the production of all post-release activities including fulfillment of Collectibles, Experiences, and future engagements.
  • Foster a culture of learning by debriefing with our team and partners.

Success Looks Like:

  • Collector satisfaction
  • Partners want to collaborate with us again.

Moment Development Contribution

  • Research potential Collections (Moments, Experiences, Collectibles, future activations)
  • Create decks to communicate our ideas to partners

Success Looks Like:

  • Consistent output of useable elements of Collections


  • Experience or interest in crypto and NFTs a plus, but must be hungry to learn about the crypto industry
  • Experienced in producing large scale creative projects with cross-functional teams
  • Team-focused leader with excellent communication skills and drive to take initiative
  • Willingness to fill gaps as needed
  • 5+ years relevant working experience